mitmproxy is a set of tools that provide an interactive, SSL/TLS-capable intercepting proxy for HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and WebSockets.

This post shows you how to intercept network traffic from iPhone using mitmproxy on Mac.

Install mitmproxy on Mac

❯ brew install mitmproxy

Run mitmproxy

❯ mitmproxy

Get IP address from Mac

System Preferences -> Network -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced... -> TCP/IP -> IPv4 Address: (your IP will differ)

or run following command

❯ ifconfig en0 | grep netmask | awk '{print $2}'

Configure iPhone to use mitmproxy

Settings -> Wi-Fi -> (i) -> HTTP PROXY | Configure Proxy

  1. Off -> Manual
  2. Set Server to IPv4 address from above
  3. Set Port to 8080
< Back Configure Proxy Off Manual ✅ Automatic Server Port 8080

Download configuration profile

Visit http://mitm.it with Safari on your iPhone.

If you see below message when visiting http://mitm.it, make sure: (1) mitmproxy is running and (2) iPhone is configured to use mitmproxy from above.

If you can see this, traffic is not passing through mitmproxy

On http://mitm.it, click Get mitmproxy-ca-cer.pem for iOS -> Allow

This website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this? Ignore Allow

Click open Show Instructions (below Get mitmproxy-ca-cer.pem) and follow the instructions.

iOS 13+ 1. Use Safari to download the certificate. Other browsers may not open the proper installation prompt. 2. Install the new Profile (Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management). 3. Important: Go to Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings. Toggle mitmproxy to ON.

1. Use Safari to download the certificate

We just downloaded above.

2. Install the new Profile

Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management

Select the downloaded profile, mitmproxy.

VPN Not Connected > Sign In to Work or School Account... DOWNLOADED PROFILE mitmproxy >

Press Install -> confirm Install

Cancel Install Profile Install mitmproxy Signed by mitmproxy Not Verified Contains Certificate More Details > Remove Downloaded Profile

Profile is installed.

Profile Installed Done mitmproxy Signed by mitmproxy Verified ✅ Contains Certificate More Details >

3. Certificate Trust Settings

Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings

Toggle mitmproxy to ON

< About Certificate Trust Settings Trust Store Version 2023032800 Trust Asset Version 20 ENABLE FULL TRUST FOR ROOT CERTIFICATES mitmproxy (🔘 ) Learn more about trusted certificates


Run mitmproxy or mitmweb

❯ mitmweb [00:06:12.402] HTTP(S) proxy listening at *:8080. [00:06:12.404] Web server listening at


Now use your iPhone and network traffic from/to your iPhone will be logged on