Amazon Unbound by Brad Stone

Having enjoyed recent books about stories behind big companies, I picked up this book, over The Everything Store for being published recently. It has great reviews on Goodreads, 4.1/5.

This, however, wasn't what I was expecting to read from a bestselling book about Amazon. I guess I was hoping to read how Amazon became the today's tech behemoth with technical side of details and hardships. But the topics of this book is spread between personal life of Jeff Bezos, toxic cultures of Amazon, anecdotes from myriads of employees, and gossips, etc.

It's just personal taste, but the contents weren't quite catching my interests.

The story is centred around chunks of significant projects. This inevitably made storyline go back and forth in terms of chronological timeline which was somewhat confusing to me.

I didn't like the fact that there are so many names of people mentioned in the book. Okay, it's actually reasonable, considering the fact that it's one of the largest company nearing 3 decades of history. Author must have trimmed down the protagonists.

I can see author did a wonderful job researching and interviewing a lot of people related. That's respectful, but it doesn't make a book enjoyable, or a good read.

Most bothering aspect of this book or the author, for me, was that there are way too many SAT words used unnecessarily. If you're non-native English speaker[reader] like me, I assume some of you could also feel this. Use of difficult vocabularies per se doesn't impress the readers.

All in all, I'm not interested in reading any other books by the same author regardless of the topic.