Balmoral beach car crash

On Monday, 2023-09-25, car crash occurred at Balmoral beach, NSW.

CCTV footage on YouTube

News article reports 33 year old p-plater was practising parking.

"Acting Inspector Sean Donnelly said the driver was practicing her parking, and was leaving a parking space when the accident occurred."

Luckily no one's seriously injured except for reported minor injuries for the driver and the passenger. It could've been deadly, but it was an unusually quite day at the beach.

I was at this beach on the same day at the time of the incident. Just not near the crash but on the other side of the sand.

This accident simply doesn't make any sense. There's no way anyone would just go 20 metres from a parked car over the curb, across the grass and pedestrian path, then straight to the concrete barrier. "Practising parking" is not a good enough excuse to explain this at all. Only getaway excuse I thought of at the time was pretending blackout which is not the case.

The mystery leaves me with many questions.

  • Who drove the car and park it there in the first place?
  • How did she become p-plater to begin with?
  • Would she keep her license and drive again?
  • Does the inspector has any interests in investigating what really happened despite no harm done to the beachgoers?

So unnerving.