Cookie popup

GDPR cookie popups.

I don't know what GDPR entails. My simple static web apps haven't required to come up with those cookie popup implementations yet.

It's ridiculous to have horrible user experience on the web at a global scale just because some parts of the globe said cookie popup is required to serve their people.

What if other countries come up with their own equivalent of GDPR? Are we going to have more and more popups?

I wish it was mandated at a different layer of the internet usage. For example, when people in EU buy any device that could connect to internet, they could have some sticker on the device that says something like "if you visit a website, they may collect some information about you behind your back".

Okay, this doesn't stop them from collecting your information if you wanted to opt out. I don't know. Cookie popups are still annoying experience and I get annoyed every time I encounter them.

Pet peeve of the day.

Check out (Clip from Lex Fridman Podcast #252) what Lex and Elon had to say about the cookies.