Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter. I really liked this 2016 novel by Blake Crouch. Writing this review over a month after finishing the fiction. This is sort of a book I would like to read again in the future.

It was an addictive read, non-stop suspense, fast-paced thriller, and mind-bending creative science fiction I have read in a while. Truly amazed by the Blake's creation.

Blake narrates scenes with vivid details as if following a writing tip of "show don't tell". It seemed like the author put a lot of efforts into making narration creative.

"...graduating in 2000 with degrees in English and creative writing."

Degree in creative writing. Makes sense.

The story is well written that I didn't question corner cases of the environment the author created, but just followed along naturally.

Can't wait for movie version. Would love to indulge more of Blake Crouch's novels (already bought the next one).

Made me think about:

  • quantum physics (is it really a thing?)
  • multiverse (seems so far-fetched)
  • path not taken (thought about my past. likely I will end up where I am regardless)

The novel also reminds me of Tenet by Christopher Nolan, 2020.

I'm annoyed that I'm not good at writing a review of a book I just read and enjoyed. I probably need to see how others leave a review so I can copy and learn from the ones I can relate.