Cordless vacuum

Had been meaning to buy Dyson cordless vacuum machine for years. I thought I didn't have good justification to buy one when I already have working vacuum machine considering Dyson's high premium doing effectively the same thing.

Becoming aware of one-day discount in various retailers on First Responders Day, 29 June 2023, I hurriedly bought Dyson V7 Advanced Origin vacuum.

Retail price at the time was $344.00 with end of fanatical year sale. First Responders Day discount of 10% rendered the price down to $309.6.

It was a pretty good deal I wondered if I should've bought multiple items so I can resell with profit.

Anyway, it is so far the best purchase of the decade. Cordless indeed changes everything.

We used to vacuum almost monthly unless someone visits the place. Taking out the vacuum machine and moving around the place plugging and unplugging on the wall to reach even tiny apartment rooms was a big hassle.

Now I vacuum daily. So easy. Reduced friction is life-changing.

I highly recommend buying cordless vacuum machine.