My daughter started ballet classes with her friends last year in kindergarten. She loves it, but my wife and I were not happy with a few business decisions of theirs.


  • Requires specific ballet attire from a designated store.

Re: end-of-year ballet concert:

  • No refund (no TOC) or intention to resolve incorrect purchases of online tickets (my mistake). No "gestures of goodwill" as per NSW Fair Trading.
  • No video/photography allowed during the ballet performance. wth.
  • Then charged automatically without consent for the video they recorded. wtf.

Such a greedy-minded business. They have good ratings (4.9) on Google though. My review is to be added in the future.

Nonetheless, my wife decided to enrol my daughter again for this year, actually 2 classes.


  • It's only parents who are hurt.
  • She loves it.
  • Her best friends are doing it too.