Luck in healthcare

My wife had our first child delivered without requested-epidural because anaesthetist was supposedly occupied in other case and couldn't come. She had to bear the unbearable.

When it came time to the childbirth of our second one, we had been requesting for an epidural early on. But epidural didn't come. I believe nurses didn't take our request seriously and waited until baby came out, inside the amniotic sac (En Caul). She had to bear the unbearable twice. I often blame myself for not pushing it hard. Complainers usually get what they want.

A burger from McDonald's is supposed to be the same each time you order. I have been ordering 'Classic Angus' for a while. Pretty much every time it's a different burger. Guess it all depends on who happens to be making one at the given moment.

Likewise, healthcare service is expected to provide equally appropriate level of care. Quality of service, however, differs just as much as my burgers. Your health is dependent on who happens to look after you at the critical moment. Plus many other environmental variables. Just like everything in life, luck plays a big role in healthcare.