Tried HTMX with FullCalendar for just a tiny bit to replace my current roster project which is a Next.js fullstack app.

Idea of mostly using server side, and minimally deal with the frontend interaction is really temping and hence the hype. When I was into Django, I didn't know JavaScript and I did want to write as less JavaScript as I can.

I used HTMX and FullCalendar using CDN. Developer experience of not using a build system is not pleasant as there are no autocompletes and editor doesn’t know about the available attributes/options. This made using library so hard, and I didn't pursue further and ditched the project.

Having to refresh the page is also tedious (well, not that I don't refresh when using React). I’m sure there are ways to improve and automate this process. But then why not just use React or any other frontend framework you're familiar with? I guess the target audience is those who don't want to write JavaScript. So the pitch is mostly for the backend developer who focuses on other programming languages.

I became somewhat familiar with JavaScript and React ecosystem. At this point in my hobby developing life, using React is choosing a boring stable tech stack you can rely on which brings relatively pleasant developer experience.

I still love the idea of focusing on the backend, with the language of my choice, simplifying the frontend side of the stack. I may want to try HTMX again in the future. After all, fullstack if more tech than backend only for solo developer to deal with.