In Australia, nursing care is holistic. Which means I, as a registered nurse, get to do what I do to my 2yo son to many of my patients in the hospital too.

I'm talking about nappy change. My son is still not toilet trained. He used to wait until we check the nappy and change without him telling us it needs changing. He's just started to tell that he's wet. Sometimes.

For an adult, I totally understand incontinence, urinary or faecal or both, is an uncomfortable illness. But what I still don't fathom is why so many people with incontinence are not able to tell when it happens. People with dementia, okay I get it. But what about others?


  • Loss of sensitivity
  • Dementia
  • Not caring for being used to it

Best explanation I can have so far is aged people are becoming back to babies.

Life cycle: baby 👶 -> kinda not baby -> baby 👼