My 6yo daughter comes up with lots of questions before she falls asleep. More often than not, questions can't be answered without looking up online myself. Feeling it's always late for the next day, and trying not to use mobile phone at dark, I tend to tell my daughter to ask them the following day. Then she doesn't ask as much during the day.

Tonight at bedtime, I told my daughter:

Me: "When I was growing up, I didn't have a computer or the Internet. You're so lucky you can just look up anything on the Internet."
Daughter: "Then how did you find anything back then?"

I told my daughter that I would:

  1. Ask people around me.
  2. Search from books.
  3. Just leave it unanswered.

She just laughed.

Now that I look back and think about this, I don't think I have really tried to satisfy my curiosity growing up. This means I rarely did options 1 and 2 above, and stuck with option 3 most of the time. I think I became used to the fact that it's hard to find what I wanted to find out. I vaguely remember the frustration I felt for the lack of ways to get some information.

Think about your Google search history. How would you find answers to all those small, trivial and silly searches without the Internet. Not easy indeed.

The Internet has lowered the barrier to accessing information to the lowest level imaginable. Yet, AI-powered Internet, namely ChatGPT, has just lowered the wall to the extreme.

I remember thinking how awesome it is to share and access limitless information in the cyberspace back in like 20+ years ago. ChatGPT has brought back that excitement of unlimited possibility.

I guess my daughter will take this technology for granted.