Jervis Bay

My daughter's school holiday and my one-week holiday overlapped in mid July.

Three day family trip to Jervis Bay.

2023-07-10 Monday

Hurriedly decided to go to Jervis Bay next day. My wife booked Airbnb. She packed bags until late night.

2023-07-11 Tuesday (Day 1)

Booked Jervis Bay dolphin cruises for Wednesday 10.30 a.m. Left home. Long three hour drive. Arrived at Jervis Bay. Had lunch at Salty Joe’s. Pork was seriously salty. Waitress confirmed the pork was as salty as it's supposed to be. Pork refunded. People were nice. No hard feelings.

Went to Huskisson beach late afternoon. It was quiet. Somewhat disappointed that "the great Jervis Bay" was not super special. Kids seemed to enjoyed the short playing time at the beach. Soon got dark. Quick shopping at Coles. Checked in at the Airbnb in the dark. Our first ever Airbnb together. Sweet place. But cold. Had shower and dinner.

2023-07-12 Wednesday (Day 2)

Colder in the morning. Appreciated North-facing rent apartment back home. The power of the sunlight in the morning.

Went for the dolphin cruise. Watched quite a number of dolphins. Kids fell asleep coming back. Decided not to go for whale watching next day. Lunch at Angels Bayside Cafe. Ice cream for kids. Went to Jervis Bay Maritime Museum. Pizza and pasta takeaway for dinner from Peter Eva Italian food wood fired pizza.


2023-07-13 Thursday (Day 3)

Checked out from Airbnb in the morning. Went to Hyams Beach. Beautiful beach. Sand is indeed whiter than Sydney's. Water is super clean. Kids played with frequent ups-and-downs. Lunch at 5 little pigs. Realised everyone's been so kind. Took a stroll along the coast. Watched some dolphins from the hill. Left Jervis Bay. Long three hour drive back. Bit anxious driving highway in the dark. In retrospect, I might have been semi-sleepy on the way home because I was conscious of my trying to focus to stay in the middle of the lane which shouldn't happen if I was fully awake and energised. Better be aware of this early signs of sleepiness.


Many first experience for all of us.

  • Everyone's first Jervis Bay
  • First school holiday travel
  • Our first long travel together
  • Our first Airbnb together
  • My first ever Airbnb

2yo son is still too young to travel far away with.