Kindle vs iPhone

Pros and cons of reading on Kindle vs iPhone Kindle app

Based on experience of using Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation, Wi-Fi only) vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

Display6 inch6.7 inch
Resolution300 ppi400 ppi
Weight206 g240 g

👍 Pros of Kindle

  • battery lasts really long
  • less distraction
  • e-ink is reportedly better for the eyes although I don't really notice myself
  • e-ink is good under the sun (with sunglasses on too)
  • good in the dark: brightness can be adjusted much dimmer than iPhone
  • lighter

👎 Cons of Kindle

  • bigger than iPhone
  • you carry Kindle and likely your phone too likely end up carrying more device
  • terribly slow: page turning, dictionary lookup, amazon book search becomes unbearably sometimes
  • syncing is not satisfying if switching devices

👍 Pros of iPhone

  • readily available which is essential to read consistently
  • higher screen resolution
  • plus all the other perks of using smartphone: e.g. search, notes app, etc.

👎 Cons of iPhone

  • much distraction; my overcoming strategy would be to intentionally open Kindle app on iPhone when picking up a phone to check something instead of social media apps like Twitter. If I open Kindle first at least I read one line which is my goal for a day then I would check social apps anyway, but opposite is not true if social apps are checked first.
  • supposedly causes more strain on the eyes; again not so noticeable personally
  • heavier
  • Can't purchase Kindle books on iPhone Kindle app

    The iOS Kindle app, Android Kindle app, and Amazon app for iOS and Android don't support in-app purchasing for Kindle books. Customers must purchase on a web browser.

💡 Requests for iPhone Kindle app

  • Always show dictionary within the screen so I don't have to touch-bring-up-to-top when in landscape mode. It's kind of a bug, you know.
  • "Reading Ruler" to stay where they were. Reading Ruler can be turned on and work as a bookmark within the page, but this ruler doesn't stay where they were but goes back up on top of the page when returning from other apps or home screen.

🙏 Wish list

  • I wish I can read Korean books on Kindle
  • I wish Kindle can jump pages more swiftly. Well it hasn't happened for the last 1.5 decade.