Thoughts while listening to Jannabi on YouTube. Feeling so good.

I haven't been listening to music much recently. Actually it's been quite a while. What happened? I used to listen to music a lot when I was carrying mp3 player. That's way too long ago. Mobile phone came next. Then transferring (downloading/converting) musics to iPhone became too much of a hassle. Haven't been a fan of music streaming services which left me with YouTube.

Lack of screen time, diminished alone time resulted with reduced time of scratching my brain with frequency of guitar strings and sweet voices. I guess consuming primarily tech materials limited my leisure time more. Child-caring, of course, hinders all the things I used to do to de-stress which is critical in maintaining sanity.

I wish I could listen to my favourite musics in my car when driving with family. Most of my favourite ones are not upbeat, but sad and gloomy, or just instrumental.

My 2yo son doesn't request music much unless asked to do so in the car. So pass.

My very-soon-to-be-6yo daughter disapproves my music taste by calling them "뺑뺑이" which is her own made-up Korean word for something she dislikes or uncool. Pretty much all my favourite musicians' works are prohibited so to speak. Love Never Felt So Good is one of the few exceptions.

My wife has completely different taste of music. Even without kids, the joy is not shared much. And it goes against both ways. She would hand out her earphones feeling certain the song is a masterpiece only to be responded with my infamous "so so". Most of the time, I just know if I'm going to like the song or not by just listening first few seconds.


Listen to music more. When I'm alone.