Darknet Diaries EP 131

Podcast review: Darknet Diaries - EP 131: WELCOME TO VIDEO

The episode reveals hard-to-believe reality involving Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

It is such a mind-boggling episode. Sickening uncomfortable feeling remained over a day after listening this episode.

During the listen, I felt really sorry for the investigators involved who must have been traumatized with the materials, offenders and victims.

Son jung-woo, operator of the site, ended up only getting sentenced to 18 months in prison. Are you serious? I'm just as baffled as many other listeners would be. What a waste of resources used to catch criminals if not punished fairly. Where is the justice?

Such slap on the wrist is chronic problem in Korea. Something's terribly wrong in the legal system, or people with authorities. This is not the first time and definitely not the last time. More often than not, serious criminals are put on probation and many get away entirely, or getting such a slap on the wrist.

My hatred toward Korea grew each time I hear criminals getting away for nonsensical reasons. One specific crime made me to want to leave Korea even more back in early 2000s.

Korea is not so developed in so many ways.

If the legal system is not punishing the offenders, it's basically encouraging people to commit crimes.