Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

My first book of Andy Weir, the author of The Martian.

Downloaded this book on my kindle for having good reviews. Like always, if it's so famous and gets good reviews there has to be a good reason. I started reading without knowing what the book is about.

From the beginning, story flows naturally and captures my attention tight. As I flip through the book, I admired how the author came up with such creative story lines.

I don't even know if all the math and astronomical details make sense but author does an awesome job making it look believable. I trust he did all the research he could.

It's always hard to get my head around to acknowledge the scale of the universe. And of course I fail to do so each time. It's just so unimaginably big. Reading this book consolidated my belief that there must be, highly likely, some other form of life in the universe. Probably not in the form of big-head-greenish-animals-in-the-flying-saucers. But some primitive form of life that has no chance of contacting to the outer space. What are the odds of having two separate intelligent forms of life exist in the same time within physically reachable space in the universe.

I am looking forward to seeing this book made in a movie. To be honest, many of the scenes were kind of hard for me to picture in my head, e.g. how Rocky does his things, etc. It could be because of the language or I missed something. Story has various monologues of engineering, astronomical details that would be hard to translate into a movie. So I'm very curious, if this indeed comes out as a movie, how all the details are going to be delivered. Probably I need to read The Martian and revisit the movie to see how it's translated.

Twist toward the ending is surprisingly good. Looking forward to reading more of his books and will definitely keep an eye on his next books.