I have been using Alfred for quickly launching apps, opening Chrome with set urls, and looking for local files.

Recently, I have heard a lot of good reviews about Raycast, a Spotlight/Alfred alternative on Mac.

I tried Raycast few times before. Each time, I just went back straight to Alfred as I was used to Web Search shortcuts I set in Alfred.

Kept hearing how much of a game changer Raycast is but didn't hear why.

Today, I tried again and I think I can stick to it this time. Still using Alfred along with Raycast but gave the shortcut ⌘ + space to Raycast so I can get some used to.

Migrated all Web Search shortcuts from Alfred to Raycast Quicklinks.

Points I like about Raycast after trying for very limited time so far

  • Can do pretty much everything I was using Alfred for
  • Quciklinks {query} can have default value e.g. {query:default}
  • Clipboard History is handy
  • Remapped shortcut for emoji popup to Raycast Search Emoji; this didn't seem possible with Alfred
    • This solved my VS Code issue of emoji popup unreliably opening at times
  • Hotkey can be assigned to various operations
  • Alias can be added on top of Hotkey

Tried to migrate Window management from ShiftIt to Raycast as well but couldn't ditch ShiftIt. Because Raycast wouldn't allow shortcuts with just fn + [...] without another modifier like [⌘, ⇧, ⌥, ⌃].

At least one modifier should be included into a hotkey