Share Heroku PostgreSQL database locally

My use case

I have a python script that works on localhost but fails on heroku. I have no problem running it manually every time I need to update the database, but I need to be able to check the results when I'm outside.

Solution, for now

Solution I came up with so far is to use heroku postgres database locally as well.

This is what I've been doing with mongodb atlas for some of my other projects.


Add heroku add-on: Heroku Postgres on heroku website


heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql

This generates environment variable DATABASE_URL on heroku

Check the value on heroku website

Settings > Reveal Config Vars


heroku config:get DATABASE_URL
pip install dj-database-url

settings.py (settings/base.py in my case)

import dj_database_url
import environ
env = environ.Env(DEBUG=(bool, False))
DATABASES["default"] = dj_database_url.config(
    conn_max_age=600, ssl_require=True)

I use Postico/TablePlus to connect to this database by it's url.

That's it. Now I'm sharing heroku postgresql database locally.