Started blogging

Blogging has been around for a while. It's old, especially in tech terms.

All this years, I was barely interested in starting or owning a blog. I believe this is from the biased thought that the writing has to be good, long, provide value, and technically accurate.

However, my interest has grown steadily, so much so I created this digital garden of mine.

I have formed a good opinion now that all of the above are not true. A blog post or even a tutorial, or anything for that matter, doesn't need to be long. For one, I don't enjoy reading long-form articles myself. I rarely have any idea or opinion to fill the screen.

It doesn't have to provide good value. I can just write for the sake of writing. No one cares as much as you'd wish them to care. There must be some value for myself if I take up writing on a regular basis. Values can be created once I find some for myself.

For a technical writing, it's pretty common knowledge these days that a beginner has good advantage over veteran in delivering information. The best time to teach someone is right after you just learned it as the memory is fresh and you know what the roadblocks are for newcomers which is often long forgotten once you become used to it.

If I keep journals of what I'm thinking and learning, they can be of a great value at least for myself and for future self.

Like always, consistency is the key here. Not being afraid of writing incomplete, often short, meaningless articles will keep me consistent in my endeavor.