The Martian by Andy Weir

This is my second Andy Weir book after Project Hail Mary.

I have seen the movie many years ago. Turns out I only remember glimpse of the scenes, ie. farming-in-the-mars, and forgot a lot about the movie.

Andy's writing is short, succinct, easy to follow through. From the very beginning, Andy knows how to capture the audience.

However, it took me about 5 months to finish the book (08/01/2023-01/06/2023). Couple months of not reading at all in between. Well, depression and reading doesn't go hand in hand for me.

The Martian was published in 2011 and Project Hail Mary in 2021. Although I enjoyed both books, Project Hail Mary is the winner if I have to pick one. Reading without knowing the end is, of course, a lot intriguing. I feel like I see some improvements in the quality of the book between those 10 years. That's good for Andy and readers. I can expect next book to be equally good or better.

I'm going to read non science fiction for the next book for a change.