Tutorial hell

Earlier this year, my then 4yo and 1yo kids went to Korea with my wife 7 weeks before my annual leave started and I could join in Korea.

Long awaited time to develop something awesome. Well it didn't happen. I wasn't actively building anything back then, and didn't have specific project idea to build either. Also I was still working full-time. Didn't have as much time as I though I would have.

I used the extra time to deplete ever so growing YouTube watch later list and podcast episodes. Turns out the more you watch the longer the list becomes.

I appreciate content creators. Many of them are useful and so helpful, or makes me to think so. They have huge incentive to produce more and more content on a regular basis just for the sake of making more. They become relevant and their evergreen courses are visited and upcoming courses are advertised. In order for them to create more, it's inevitable to bring up hot and new technologies than old and boring stuff. This creates unnecessary FOMO for upcoming new frameworks, making you wish to learn new shining stacks.

Learning by watching YouTube tutorials during this period made me to realize that I'd fallen into the tutorial hell. There was endless list of things I wanted to learn. Learning one thing leads to another.

Tutorial hell, just watching tutorial over tutorials without actually building something yourself. You feel like you're learning. Actually you are. But it's not the best way to spend your time unless what you want is to just to learn more.

It is impossible to know everything about a programming language or a framework. Thinking you need to learn a lot before you can build something is a giant misconception in my opinion. More importantly, you don't even need to know everything to start. You need just enough to start and can learn along the way. I believe you can learn more by actually building.

My goal is not to master specific technology or to get a job. Ultimate goal is to become an indie hacker, profitable one if possible.

How can I not fall into tutorial hell from now on and achieve my goal. I need to keep away from all the tutorials and tips by unsubscribing various YouTube channels and podcasts.

Rather I would like to build something and only when I hit a roadblock, would like to go find the tutorial about the specific topic.

Good old boring tech stack works well. Let's be more of a creator than a consumer.