Upgrade by Blake Crouch

Another creative sci-fi by Blake Crouch. Glad this novel is not related to sci-fi concepts from his other books: quantum physics, time travelling, etc. Genomic upgrade is an interesting element that can branch into various storylines. Because this upgrade basically makes them superheroes.

This 2022 novel, however, didn't meet my expectations. First, I found his creative writing style somewhat overused, which was distracting at times. Second, amazingly built plot took a big turn when Logan Ramsay and his sister, Kara, started to shoot each other and tried to kill one another until the end of the book. This plot twist had my interest drop to the chasm. And it didn't recover until the end of the story. Also, the upgraded Ramsay's super power of slowing down time was disturbing. The ability to almost bring time to a stop, allowing them to dodge the bullets, seems a bit disproportionate.