Why I switched from Django to Nodejs

or why I'm learning nodejs

from a hobby dev point of view

why django -> nodejs

  • have to deal with javascript anyway
  • native async support vs non trivial hard-to-grasp-async
  • context switching between python and javascript
  • scrapings are much faster: async vs sync, puppeteer vs selenium
  • seems like there are more resources on web development in js
  • creating/activating virtual environment every time vs npm
    • even with the alias: alias project='cd /Users/.../project && source venv/bin/activate'
  • faster/auto server reloading vs slow/manual
  • got used to javascript: overcame the hurdle of callbacks, brackets

why I want to go back to django

  • miss django ORM
  • love python
  • felt much more productive when using django
  • debugging seems straightforward with django
  • feels more secure