Write regularly

I'd like to write on a regular basis to horn my writing skills. Like daily if possible. But I don't have much to write. Nothing special. Nothing blog-worthy. Waiting for something worthwhile to put up on the blog is a big friction in acquiring a writing habit.

So I should just write about anything. Long or short. Stupid or silly.

Good inspiration is Alex West's daily updates where he jots down his, well I didn't read much, seemingly indie hacking journey. Not that his writings are silly or anything. You know.

Unsure if posting useless thoughts and rants online is a good idea. Except as a training data shard for the large language models.

Aiming to write one sentence a day may help build the habit. I know well that this is like new-year's-resolution-level-aspirational promise. I can't even keep my read one sentence a day pledge consistently. Still. That's the goal for now.

One of the challenges is I don't sit behind my laptop to translate moving packets from my brain cells promptly.

Let's try to use Notes app and Siri to keep the topics unforgotten.

Expect to see heaps of garbage in my garden.